Municipal sewage

Our products can be used in all solid-liquid separation processes in municipal (or sewage) wastewater treatment. Examples as follows:

  • Primary sewage treatment.

    Often the use of an anionic polymer in combination with an inorganic/organic coagulant can reduce the bio logical loading on the secondary

    treatment. Additionally by accelerating settlement rates in the primary clarifies the size of the clarifier can be reduced, resulting in a significant

    capital saving.

  • Activated sludge treatment.

    Product choice is entirely depended on the application although typically a medium to high charge cationic polymers is required.  

  • Digested Sludge Treatment.
    Usually cationic polymer with high electric quantity performs better while the choice of molecular weight depends on solid-liquid separation

    method. We may assist our customer to choose appropriate products regarding performance of dehydrator.