Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide

Physical Property
Zwitterionicpolyacrylamide(PAM) is produced on cation monomer,acrylamide monomer and hydrolytic reagent. white fine grain or powdery solid.

Technical target:

Solid content(%)

PH Value


of Cationic (%)


of  anionic


Monomer content of residue(%)






1,As Sludge Dewatering Agent
Because urban sewage drainage's property is more and more complicated, therequirements for Sudge Dewatering Agent used in the sewage treatment will behigher and higher. The
NUOERFLOC-S effect is higher than single ionic PAM.Especially, effect is better when used in the sludge dewatering of oil fieldsand chemicals factories.

2, Water Treatment Flocculant
For the water treatment with the complicated situation, the property of
NUOERFLOC-s, aswater treatment flocculant, on lowering the surface tension is much better thanthe one of the separate existence of cation and anion at the same condition.
3, Blocking agent used in oil field

Packing :
Itsshelf-life is 2 years and  follow  non-dangerous transportation; The solid products are packed in kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag,with each bag containing 25 kgs/20kgs or in accordance with customers' demand.