President Greeting

1997, the Yellow River delta in the beautiful "Soldier Saint" on the Hometown Guangrao Sun Wu, Nuoer Group born here, grow, expand―time passes, time files, Nuoer Group company founded since has gone through 21 years of ups and downs.        

I would like to say―is the spring of reform and opening up, Nuoer Group growth of the chemical industry to provide opportunities, the Yellow River Delta  is a beautiful Nuoer Group nurture the development of the fertile soil, is the concern of the community over the years and to support the development of chemical. Nuoer Group rely on a solid! Looking back on all those moments, defying eventual years; Outlook future, the way ahead is long.

On the road of the future development, challenges and opportunities both symbiotic. Nuoer Group seeking truth, but the exactitude, and refinement. We will continue to uphold"Honesty, Trustworthiness, Great virtue, Mutual benefit" spirit of enterprise and "product that is character "idea of the quality, customer requirements vision products, from the customer's perspective, on going R&D and high―tech market develop, encourage enterprises to do it, stronger, bigger, for the development of various social undertakings and make a positive contribution!