Technology brief introduction

Nuoer Group was established the provincial polymer science and technology research and development center in 2006. The research and development center equipped with excellent technical personnel, first-class scientific research equipment instruments, and the research strength of Shandong University, Zhejiang college of science and technology as the backing, tireless research, has developed the Waste Water Treatment Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, the red mud settlement flocculating for Aluminum,and the three series products more than 100 kinds of products. Five kinds of products are included in the provincial key products, filling in the blanks of China.

The Raw Material produced by the biology chemical


Biochemical Chemical method using the biological enzymes as catalyst, mixture the Acrylonitrile, water and biological catalyst as the Aqueous solution, after the catalytic reaction, extracted catalyst, we can got the acrylamide.

Compared with chemical method, Acrylonitrile conversion rate is higher, up to 99.99%, no other side reaction, without ion-exchange, the result shows that the operation is simplified, the analysis efficiency increased, and the accuracy, precision and lowest detective density are all satisfied the demands of quality control. This method is especially suitable for production of high viscosity of ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide.