Oil Field Chemicals

NUOER GROUP has supplied the products to the Chinese oilfields for over 15 years and today is the leading supplier of polymers to this industry. All of the major Chinese oilfields including Daqing, Shengli, Changqing and etc. use our products. Over recent years companies overseas have commenced using our polymers in the oilfields.        

Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR)        

This process has been used for several years in assisting the operator to increase the efficiency of oil recovery of tertiary floods. Intertiary oil recovery technologies, polymer flooding is a very important tertiary oil recovery technology.        

Polymer flooding        

● Control the mobility ratio of the water injection and the general mobility ratio of high water containing stratums.        

● Adjust the water absorption of high and low water containing stratums.        

● Increase the water content of low penetrating oil stratum        

● Expand the swept volume of water injection        

● Decrease the water content in the oilfield        

● Enhance the oil recovery rate of the oilfield.        

By the addition of one tonne of polymer typically 130~150 tonnes of crude oil can be gained therefore providing great benefits to theuser.        

If the temperature of polymer flooding is lower than 80℃, degree of mineralization 10000ppm, polymer flooding treatment is relativelysimple.        

With temperatures up to 95℃, degree of mineralization 50000ppm, then polymer-flooding techniques can be still applied.        

The salinity and hardness of injecting water should not be excessive as it will affect the performance of the polymer. If the injection water        

contains O2 and Fe2+greater than 5mg/l, biological degradation and a lot of H2S will affect use of polymer.        

Water shutoff profile control        

After many years of injection, especially to the super high permeabiliby formation, water injection layer always has high erpermeability zone in some areas. The oil displacement agent will directly flow into the high permeability zone, which will decrease the effect of chemical flooding. So it needs to close off the high permeability zone with lower oil saturation. By applying Water Profile Control technology and NUOERFLOC series products from NUOER GROUP, the desired change in the profile can be achieved thereby controlling the water content and improving the oil recovery rate.        

Drilling Mud Additives        

The NUOERFLOC range of products has been used successfully for many years as drilling mud additives for viscosity modification. A comprehensive range is available so that optimum performancecan be achieved to suit the particular type of water based drilling mud systemused by the operator.        

 Viscosity Modification        

Typically polymers or PHPA's are used on their own or inconjunction with bentonite,a s extenders, increasing the drilling mud viscosity thereby resulting in improvements in the removal of cuttings, better control of mud densities and lubrication of the drill bit. Additionally, during downtime, due to the thixotropic nature of the drilling mud system the cuttings will be held in suspension thereby not causing any major problems with solids settlement.        

Fracturing fluid/Acid thickener        

Fracture and Acid is suitable for medium/low permeability, and fissure reservoir conditions, and it is a critical measure forincreasing well injection.Fracture and Acid means to take the use of acid toincrease flow conductivity of limestone, and it takes use of thickened acid toincrease the viscosity of the acid and decrease the filtration loss during theacid and fraction execution. Upon the increase of injection pressure, it will easily reach to the pressure of the stratum fraction.The purpose of enlarging the length of the fissure is to optimize the effect of the acid. During this process,many chemicals will be used.