PDAE-IV High Efficient Emulsion Paper Retention Agent

PDAE-IV high efficient emulsion paper retention agent is one kind of new product invented on our own according to the requirement of present medium and high speed paper machine,  wide application,  low dosage,  remarkably retention rate.


Its shelf-life is 2 years and follow  non-dangerous transportation; The product are packed in plastic barrels. with each barrel containing 1000L/ 20L or in accordance with customers' demand.


PDA Dry Powder Type of Paper Retention

PDA Dry Powder Type of Paper Retention is a new type of highly efficient integrated  paper dedicated additives.  organic  polymers  are  gender.  It can  significantly improve  the  short  fiber filler and  retention  rate  freeze expected saving. reduce costs. improve dainage water cleanliness. reduce environmental pollution. but  also reduce  the pulp  degree of beating the pulp to improve the quantitative. And improve treatment of mesh machine. Reducingthe Department of Water drying to improve the speed and reduce steam consumption. savings increase the effectiveness of play. Packing: Its  shelf-life  is 2  years and  follow  non-dangerous  transportation. The solid products are packed in kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag with each bag containing 25 kgs/20kgs or in accordance with customers' demand.Specification:  

NREP Cationic Paper Reinforce

NREP Cationic Paper Reinforce is a new kind type. Which is the latest research achievements of our company. The product hascationic and  zwitterionic  ions and is choosed according to customers paper type manufactured and physical strength index requirement. Through  out  the  PH  value.  the  product  is  of ionization completely. Which can be directly adsorbed onto fiber pulp. By means of the ionic bond that the cationic and anion in the fiber form. amido and a large number of hydroxylhydrogen form.  Also, the  product  is highly efficient fiber dispersing agent, enabling a more even distribution of pulp fibers in theuniform and  can improve the paper formation.In the process of combination with tiny fiber, improving fiber retention rate.NREP Paper Reinforcing Agent not only increases interfibrous combination region, but also the quantity and firm rate of combining site. So that it effectively increases the  physical  indicators  of  the  paper  effectively,  such  as  the paper dry strength, fracture  length,  durability,  stiffness,  pop  strength,  pressive  strength  and  other indicators.Packing:Its  shelf-life is 2 years and  follow non-dangerous transportation,  The product are packed in plastic barrels with each barrel containing 1000L/20L or in accordance with customers' demand.  


Anionic garbage capture agent NR-08

  With the using of deinking waster paper, coated paper, HYP and the raising of paper machine white water circle sealing level. The concentrations of interfering substances (anion garbage) becomes higher and higher so that itis more harmful to the machine operation. This products is low molecular weight, high  electropositivity  polymer.  It can combine with the anionic garbage and tiny texile filters, neutralize anddissolve the nion charge on organic matter and filters, balance wet  partcharge,  reduce  anion impurity  interferent, improve  the retention of stuff  fiberand  chemicals ( sizing agent, cation starch, reinforcer, ect). And can improve single-  pass retention of paper stock on he net. Drainage rate. and operating performance. Prolong the service life of blankets and the net. Reduce steam consumption.  Increase  paper machine  speed and out put.