Polymer and coagulant aids of NUOERFLOC series can be widely used in wastewater treatment regarding various areas including:


Due to different conditions of industrial wastewater, we cannot guarantee which batch would be the most befitting. In certain area like textile

industry, the property changes a lot because of which the best option should depend on the test results from lab testing and pilot plant.

Usually combined utilization of two or even three of our series may perform the best especially in the case that pigmentum cannot coagulate

and needs pre-treatment with flocculants.

Generally wastewater after biological treatment would be dealed with single one cationic coagulant for expected effect. Relevant pre-treatment

is necessary in case that high BOD, COD, oil and pigmentum are found in the wastewater,Sludge needs further dehydration which can be done

with one single polymer after final concentration and cationic coagulants could be perfection.

It is common that pigmentum will be removed from wastewater from dyeing industry and printing industry.